You might be considering making the transition from 1-2-1 or in-person personal training to taking on some online clients. In this short blog, I will go through the benefits of having online clients, the best clients to convert, and how you can convert them.  

When it comes to converting in-person Personal Training clients into online clients you can benefit in multiple ways:  

1, You can either work fewer gym floor hours without a massive drop in revenue per month due to the money you are making now with online coaching.   

2, It frees you up to work with more in-person clients and make more money than you currently are.   

3, Having an online coaching service alongside your in-person personal training allows you to still work with clients who might leave due to moving house, changing jobs, or a change in disposable income. You will now have the opportunity to retain that client.  

4, Your services are flexible. A perfect example is someone seeing you 2-3 times per week but is unable to carry on paying that amount for in-person training. They could transition to being an online client, which is more financially viable for them.  

Why should I move some clients to online? 

We all get older and what used to be your dream job, working all hours on the gym floor might not be the same now that you have been doing it for a few years. You might want more time to go out or have a lie-in, or maybe you have (or want to have) children.  

I bet you would rather take a small dip in money each month to free up time to go out on a date with your partner or be at home to take the kids to school and get them bathed and put them to bed. Better yet, you can probably make the same amount of money or even a bit more by adding online coaching to your training services.  

Who should you convert to an online client?   

Here are a few examples of the clients to convert:  

Those on 1 session per week or less and are now more advanced trainees who need less hands-on coaching inside the gym. You know their technique, you know their strengths and weaknesses, and can effectively programme them something specific to their goals.  

Those on multiple sessions per week who may be looking to reduce costs. Have the majority of their coaching online, having in-person sessions once every two weeks or once per month. This will allow them to save money and still get more hands-on coaching. 

Those that are motivated to train without needing you to be there waiting for them in the gym.  

Clients you don’t like working with as much. Yes, it’s fine to have clients you like more than others. They are people and there will be certain people you click with and others you won’t. Just like in real life.  

It goes without saying – don’t switch clients that aren’t ready to online e.g. a total newbie or someone that hates any form of technology, but you knew that already, didn’t you?

Creating the in-person to online list? 

Look at your client list and identify the clients that you love working with in-person. 

Identify the ones that pay you the most each month.

These are your keepers. 

Now highlight the ones who are bringing in the lowest revenue per month.  

Then select out of that list whom you feel would be a good fit for one to one online coaching. 

How to convert them?  

Step 1 – Get your online coaching systems in place  

You need to make sure you have the systems in place to work with them in an online capacity. This is what I see as the most common mistake, or barrier, to even trying online coaching. It is the reason why our online coaching blueprint courses goes through the systems in great detail with how-to tutorial videos. I even give you my templates to use and adapt.   

Step 2 – Create a document of what they get from online coaching, the benefits, and price

Let’s not try and break up our in-person relationship with a text or email. 

I want you to write down all the benefits they get from online coaching and what they receive.     

Step 3 – Tell them prior you want to discuss something with them in the next session. (This is key – it primes them for a discussion) 

At the end of your session, discuss the new service that you think some of your in-person clients would do well with and then list the benefits. You can then show them the document you created or print it out and give them it to take it back.   

Let them know that you have hand-picked them as a client who you feel would do well with online coaching. Explain why you think it’s a good fit for them – are they really consistent, have great technique etc.   

Don’t force them to make a decision. Tell them to go away and have a think about it and on the next session or via text we can discuss and ask any questions that might pop up, and be empathetic. This is quite a big change for a client to be willing to put their mind at ease. 

Step 4 – Transition them from in-person to online  

Once they have decided, plan a start date to convert to online in the future or remain coaching them in-person if they wanted to remain. 

So, there you have it. If you are an in-person trainer and want to reduce your gym floor hours, this is how you can do so.  

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Luke Johnson

Luke started educating Personal Trainers out of a desire to improve the quality of the fitness industry. 5 years, two children and 1000 students later, he’s not lost that relentless determination to empower fitness professionals.

How to convert in-person personal training clients to online clients