1. Are there flexible payment options?

    For our more expensive courses, we do offer flexible payment options. The payment options for each of our courses are displayed on the respective course pages.

  2. I'm not in the UK, can I still take your courses?

    Yes. We’ve taught 1000 students from over 40 countries. All you need is a good understanding of written and spoken English, and a stable internet connection with the ability to watch standard definition videos.

  3. Is there a Facebook group for students?

    There is! All our past and present students are a part of it, as well as all the tutors, and it’s a great community to help you discuss the material you’re studying. Please note that access to this is only available for students who have enrolled on our courses. It is not open to the general public.

  4. When is your Personal Trainer Qualification launching?

    We’re taking the time to make sure that our flagship course is based on the latest scientific research and best practice guidelines.

    This process involves:

    • Designing the slides in line with the new brand.
    • Ensuring that the structure of the course is more flexible, to allow the content to fit what you want from your Personal Training career.
    • Adding the option to complete a nationally-recognised qualification (taught by us!) if you live in the UK.

    This all takes time – we’re anticipating that we’ll have the re-vamped versions available in the latter half of 2019. We’re sorry we can’t give you a more concrete date.

  5. Are your courses all online?

    Our specialist CPD courses are all online. Our Personal Trainer Diploma (coming late 2019) will have the option to add on an accredited qualification for UK residents. The accredited qualification requires some in-person assessment, and we currently only have the ability to do this within the UK – so this option is not available for international students.

  6. What is a Guided Learning Hour (GLH)?

    For all our PTC courses, “Guided Learning” is made up of the video lectures and the quiz associated with each unit. The Study Time at the top of each course page is the number of GLH for that course – i.e. the total length of the course lectures, plus the amount of time we think it’ll take you to complete the quizzes.