Coaching Powerlifters

Coaching for Powerlifters is taught by Dr Mike Zourdos.

16 Hours
Mobility Training

Dean Somerset takes you through the scientific application of mobility training.

8 Hours
Coaching Clients with Obesity

James Krieger delves deep into the science behind obesity. With a precise blend of scientific theory and practical application, Coaching Clients with Obesity will give any Personal Trainer the confidence to make a difference.

16 hours
Training Clients Around Injuries

Dean Somerset teaches you on how to work around injuries your clients may have.

5 hours
Advanced Bodyweight Training

Ever wondered how to challenge more advanced clients without dumbbells, barbells, or cables? Nick Tumminello has you covered. Great for if you have clients who travel regularly and need hotel room workouts!

6 hours
MMA Conditioning

With more and more clients taking up combat sports in their spare time, Nick Tumminello’s MMA Conditioning course gives you the tools and tricks you need to maximise their performance in the octagon.

6 hours
Future Courses

What courses would you like to see PTC offer? Let us know and we can work on bringing the best collection of courses to The Collective.