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A new standard of Personal Trainer qualification

Most Personal Trainer education providers sell you a dream of an easy life. They promise quick qualification, guaranteed interviews, and a straightforward route to success. In reality, Personal Training isn’t a trade you can learn in six weeks. Coaching real humans through the ups and downs of changing their lifestyle requires confidence, in-depth exercise and nutrition knowledge, and empathy. Running your own business means early starts, keeping your finances in check, and adding marketing and sales to your skillset. You’ve got to do it all.

A demanding career requires a comprehensive qualification, and that’s where the PTC comes in. We’ve spent years developing a course curriculum that combines the most up-to-date exercise and nutrition science, modern methods that you can apply directly to your clients, and the foundations of building a sustainable, successful business.

At the PTC, we understand what the foundations of a successful career as a Personal Trainer are made of. We want to equip every Personal Trainer that studies under us with the tools to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. We believe in Personal Trainers – and together, we can make a difference.


  1. Is this course all online?

    If you choose to study the PTC Diploma (with the nationally recognised Level 2/Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification) then you will need to live in the UK or be able to travel to the UK for assessments. If you do not require the ActiveIQ qualification, then you can study completely online.

  2. How is this course assessed?

    The PTC Certificate is assessed via online multiple choice assessments which are found in the student portal. The PTC Diploma requires __ in-person assessments, which can be sat at one of __ assessment centres in the UK.

  3. Can I do the course at my own pace?

    The PTC Diploma requires that some exams are taken within __ years after your enrolment. The rest of the Diploma and the PTC Certificate can be studied at your own pace.

  4. Do I have access to the content for life?

    Yes. This is something we have always promised our students, and that doesn’t change.

  5. How much time will I need to dedicate to studying?

    This will vary depending on which qualification you choose, but we recommend dedicating a minimum of 4 hours per week to studying.

  6. Is this course accredited?

    The PTC Diploma has an accredited component to it, but the PTC Certificate is not accredited.

  7. Do I get a certificate?

    Yes – on completion, you will receive a virtual certificate detailing your results. We also send out physical certificates once per quarter to students who have registered their postal address with us.

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