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Want to learn more about mobility and be able to help improve the mobility of your clients?

Dean Somerset breaks down the science and practical application of mobility training.

Course Syllabus

  1. Scientific Applications of Mobility Training

    1. Biomechanics and Physiology of Mobility Training


      • Understand fundamental elements of biomechanics and how they relate to training in the gym
      • Define elements such as work, power, torque, lever length, force


      8 mins
      Unit 1
    2. Flexibility vs Mobility: Similarities, Differences, and What Each Mean To Training

      • Defining the two concepts and how they apply to training for mobility
      • How to train to improve both and when to focus on one more than the other
      • Alignment, contraption, and their effects on both flexibility and mobility
      33 mins
      Unit 2
    3. Assessing: Determining How Each Specific Limitation Influences Mobility

      • Determining structural limits to flexibility
      • Determining motor pattern dysfunctions in achieving active and passive ranges of motion when sufficient passive ranges exist
      • Determining the best course of action to see mobility improvements in the context of the individuals specific limitations
      9 mins
      Unit 3
    4. Program Design Characteristics for Improving Mobility, When Necessary

      • The difference between static and active stretching, as well as when to include each
      • How and when to include mobility training in your workouts
      7 mins
      Unit 4
    5. Specific Modalities of Mobility Training

      • Static stretching and PNF style stretching
      • High tension strategies and how proximal stabilisation affects distal mobility
      • Foam Rolling and self-myofascial release work
      44 mins
      Unit 5
    6. Troubleshooting Mobility Limitations

      • Specific examples of what to look at with respect to mobility. Focused on limited abduction
      8 mins
      Unit 6

About Dean Somerset

Dean is a Personal Trainer whose ethos is simple. Everyone deserves to feel what it’s like to push their limits safely and effectively. Dean’s Mobility- and Injury-based PTC courses ensure you’re helping clients progress without the risk.

Mobility Training