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What will Nick teach you?

MMA Conditioning pulls no punches in equipping you to help MMA athletes of any level prepare for their next fight. In this course, Nick focuses on the art of constructing programmes that’ll make your fighters hit harder, be less susceptible to injury, and go into their next fight confident that they’ll outlast their opponent.

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Course Syllabus

  1. MMA Conditioning

    1. Unit 1: Five Strength and Conditioning Rules for MMA

      • Understand the five main considerations for training MMA athletes.
      19 mins
    2. Unit 2: Training Focuses for MMA

      • Understand how the principle of specificity applies to MMA athletes.
      • Identify common misapplications of the principle of specificity.
      • Understand the unique benefits of ballistic exercises.
      • Identify the three main force vectors for power output.
      • Apply the 3-stage teaching progression for power exercises.
      • Understand the stretch-shortening cycle and plyometrics.
      • Identify key coaching cues for power exercises.
      • Identify two main categories of power exercise.
      • Understand the loading parameters for short and long cycle power exercises.
      24 mins
    3. Unit 3: Tests and Standards for MMA Athletes

      • Learn basic tests and standards for MMA athletes.
      22 mins
    4. Unit 4: MMA Programming Systems

      • Understand how workouts can be segmented for MMA athletes during an ‘off-season’.
      15 mins
    5. Unit 5: Sample Training Setups for MMA Athletes

      • Identify how to set up and progress MMA athletes through training programmes with different frequencies.
      6 mins
    6. Unit 6: MMA Fight Preparation

      • Understand how training must change in a phase of fight preparation.
      • Understand the benefits of circuit training for MMA athletes.
      • Apply the principles learned to sample programmes for fight preparation.
      9 mins
    7. Unit 7: Programming for Amateur and Professional Fights

      • Understand how to periodise training programmes for MMA fight preparation.
      • Adapt the periodisation schedule for different preparation lengths.
      13 mins
    8. Unit 8: Additional MMA-Specific Exercises

      • Identify key exercises that are uniquely important for MMA athletes.
      17 mins

About Nick Tumminello

Nick Tuminello has a wealth of experience as a trainer of clients and athletes of all levels – from amateur to professional. As an educator, Nick specialises in providing practical solutions to real-world issues that coaches face by delivering information, methods, and techniques that have been challenged in the trenches.

Nick’s Qualifications
2016 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year, author of multiple best-selling health and fitness books and published in over 30 major health and fitness magazines.

MMA Conditioning


  1. Is this course all online?

    Yes – this course and all assessments associated with this course are online.

  2. How is this course assessed?

    This course is assessed via online multiple choice assessments which are found in the student portal.

  3. Can I do the course at my own pace?

    You can – however, you must complete all units in order. Each unit of the course has a quiz, which you must complete before progressing onto the next unit.

  4. Do I have access to the content for life?

    Yes. This is something we have always promised our students, and that doesn’t change.

  5. How much time will I need to dedicate to studying?

    This course consists of 3 Guided Learning Hours. You may find you need more or less study based on your current knowledge and experience.

  6. Is this course accredited?

    Our courses are not currently accredited or associated with CPD points

  7. Do I get a certificate?

    Yes – on completion, you will receive a virtual certificate detailing your results. We also send out physical certificates once per quarter to students who have registered their postal address with us.

  8. What are the grade boundaries?

    Any course requires a score of 80% in the online assessment in order to pass. If you score 85% or above, you will achieve a “Merit” grade, and a score of 90% or above will earn you a “Distinction”.

  9. Are there any requirements to enrolling on the course?

    We don’t insist that you have any qualifications prior to enrolling on one of our courses. You will need a strong interest in the subject matter, a desire to learn, and a willingness to ask if you need extra help. You should have a good command of spoken and written English, and a strong enough internet connection to watch standard definition videos.