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The ultimate in powerlifting courses, Coaching Powerlifters takes you through everything you could need to train powerlifters. Whether you are a complete beginner to coaching powerlifting, or are more experienced, you will definitely take something away from this course. Covering what powerlifting is, teaching the ‘big three’, programming (including different periodisation models) and accessory movements, meet day prep, this course will enable you to confidently coach your clients and give them big results on the platform.

Course Syllabus

  1. Coaching Powerlifters

    1. Powerlifting Structure, Importance, Federation & Journey

      • What is powerlifting?
      • When to compete?
      • How you will change over time.
      • What federation to compete in?
      • Understand your role and scope as a coach
      • Be able to convey to your athlete the importance (or lack thereof) in the grand scheme of things
      34 mins
      Unit 1
    2. Skeletal Muscle Plasticity, Endocrine Responses & Rest Intervals

      • Understand basic progressive overload
      • Be able to describe the structure and organizational levels of skeletal muscle
      • Understand and explain the 2 physiological factors inducing muscle growth
      • Adaptation and the repeated bout effect (RBE)
      • Physiological release of anabolic and catabolic hormones
      • Examine acute and chronic hormonal changes
      • Distinguish between the importance of short vs. long rest intervals
      70 mins
      Unit 2
    3. Concurrent Training

      • Define Concurrent Training
      • Understand the overarching effects of continuous aerobic exercise on strength and hypertrophy (interference effect)
      • Understand the acute and chronic reasons for the interference effect
      • Determine what types of ‘cardio’ do not cause interference
      • Make appropriate recommendations
      33 mins
      Unit 3
    4. Warm Up Considerations

      • What are the different types of pre-training warm-up?
      • Understand and explain the effects of static stretching on anaerobic performance
      • Understand an explain the effects of dynamic stretching on anaerobic performance
      • What are the effects of chronic stretching
      • How does post-activation potentiation apply
      41 mins
      Unit 4
    5. Periodization Theory, Research and Type

      • Understand the evolution of periodization over time
      • Define and understand the basic types, linear and undulating
      • Quantify hypertrophy, strength, and power definitions
      • Distinguish between the importance of periodization in the early phase of training vs. trained individuals
      • Periodization Models can and should be integrated
      54 mins
      Unit 5
    6. Integration of Periodization Part 1

      • Understand the difference between Daily Undulating Periodization and Daily Undulating Programming
      • Understand Conceptually
      • Be able to setup a macrocycle and justify the components of progression
      • Understand that periodization models can be integrated and that there is no set frequency or program
      60 mins
      Unit 6
    7. Integration of Periodization Part 2

      • Understand the relationship between volume and hypertrophy and strength independent of repetition range
      • Understand the practicality of various repetitions ranges
      • Distinguish between overreaching and overtraining
      • Are there limits to frequency and volume? And how to interpret this practically and safely.
      • A look at recent research in integration of models
      35 mins
      Unit 7
    8. Assistance Lifts for Powerlifters

      • How to program assistance work
      • How to choose assistance exercises
      • Understand how to move from intensity to volume blocks and make weekly programming changes as needed
      • Understand how to specifically integrate periodization models into an extended mesocycle
      51 mins
      Unit 8
    9. Teaching The Big Three, Squats, Bench, Deadlift

      • Learning how to safely and effectively coach all 3 lifts
      51 mins
      Unit 9
    10. Powerlifting Meet Day Prep

      • What does a meet require?
      • How to prepare for logistics?
      • When to cut or not cut weight?
      • Timing
      • Attempt Selection
      71 mins
      Unit 10

About Dr Michael Zourdos

Mike is an Associate Professor at Florida Atlantic University and is the Director of the Muscle Physiology Laboratory there. Outside of his academic duties Mike is a Powerlifting coach and competitor.

Coaching Powerlifters